• Iskandar Ruhaizat

Femme Fatale

Of world leaders and pagan gods,

of the patriarch and a humble ant

collapse they will without Himalayas.

One bat from a butterfly's wings,

and Mt. Olympus crumbles down.

Of thirty-two plus/minus one,

the mountain range holds up Asgard

even when blood coagulates vision.

One thud from those stilettos,

and Skyscrapers come crashing down.

No matter how fierce a lion can be,

it will cower at the mercy of a lioness

no matter how many men he kills.

One glare from those piercing eyes,

and the Ice Age comes back again.

The Pied Piper piped in revenge,

misdeeds done, mind the law of three

only then is Hamelin pardoned.

One peck from the Sea Dragon,

and the Great White falls to his knees.

Like Big Brother stalks unseen,

the rage within, the cat purrs

even pap smear can't detect.

Notes of bergamot on starched stark white,

and Krakatoa erupts with a vengeance.

#quintain #poetry #pentastich

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