The human mind's tested, morals abated. Dulled. The potter breathes into multi-cells. Abort mission? Or soldier on? Enter the rat race, neglected peeled walls due to surfing in the work pile sucking up to Midas. Microchips and nano bits strong as a colony, easy picks solitary. We trust them too much, these WWW golden calves. Worse than bankers; once hacked, considered dead. Shishi pipes filled with various notes for the soul. Exhale, tantamount. Rise to the cosmos, pluto cries. WRONG! Claim astronomers. What do they know about X that I don't? Lucifer's purgatory pupal stage before damnation. As the "rapture rapes the muses" in unholy matrimony, even nephilim's iron fist can't clench the delu

Traps For Faux Fur

Don the fur, those born of foam! Amidst iridescent pearls strung around driftwood choked by those envious kelp. Say foxy lady! Tear those shackles away! Notable as it seem to rid those with fur however radicals are never sane. Why euthanasia but not adoption? Do mass graves equal kitty-kat haven? Mummified thumb gives approval idiosyncrasies of the founder, credibility naught yet those blind blingrats feverishly advocate. Just lay traps for faux fur and see how much you can catch. For why can't we follow the rules of Artemis enough for sustainability, humanely possible every part vital for daily necessity. But no, numbers on worthless papers are what it's worth. Don the fur, those born of fo

Femme Fatale

Of world leaders and pagan gods, of the patriarch and a humble ant collapse they will without Himalayas. One bat from a butterfly's wings, and Mt. Olympus crumbles down. Of thirty-two plus/minus one, the mountain range holds up Asgard even when blood coagulates vision. One thud from those stilettos, and Skyscrapers come crashing down. No matter how fierce a lion can be, it will cower at the mercy of a lioness no matter how many men he kills. One glare from those piercing eyes, and the Ice Age comes back again. The Pied Piper piped in revenge, misdeeds done, mind the law of three only then is Hamelin pardoned. One peck from the Sea Dragon, and the Great White falls to his knees. Like Big Brot

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