- the anglicisation of Malay words; using these anglicised words even though there is an existing Malay word for it.

e.g. Using ofis (anglicised) for office instead of pejabat. *Note: komputer (from computer) is not considered an anglicised word as there is no existing term for it in the Malay language.

With an increased emphasis on the usage of the English language, speakers of the Malay language tend to use the anglicised version of a word due to convenience and it sounds closer to English.

Even though anglicisation is inevitable (the Malay language itself borrows a lot of words from Sanskrit and Arabic), it should serve as an addition to the rich lexicon of Malay words instead of replacing the existing Malay terms.

The ANGLOFIKASI campaign will run during Bulan Bahasa in September; targeting Malay-speaking young adults to be aware and try to use the existing Malay words as it is part of their heritage.

Design deliverables for Anglofikasi include a poster, website, and a card game in addition to a zine and infographic posters on research findings.



Edu-zine which requires the participation of the reader. It starts off with a manifesto on the implications of Anglofikasi.

Readers are supposed to fill in the blanks to guess the un-anglicised word. The back cover allows readers to submit any word that they couldn't find the Malay word for it (for this issue, its brown).



A breakdown of survey findings and proposed course of action




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